A Soldier's Ghost Story

From: Kanika Grant (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Iraq
Source: Form Submission

Hello all.I am a soldier in the US Army and was recently deployed to the Iraqi desert with a medical unit in support of OIF.We were in the middle of nowhere in these abandoned buildings,and several people have experienced "strange phenomena" while we were there,but this is my experience.One night,while I was on guard duty,our duty phone rang.My battle buddy and I assumed it was an emergency and someone was hurt being that it was almost 2AM.I picked up the receiver and before I said anything,to my surprise,there were several voices talking at once,and all in Arabic.They sounded frantic,but they also sounded like they were talking through cotton.I assumed it was a wrong number,and hung up the phone.My battle buddy and I looked at each other strangely,and I recorded the phone call in our log.The rest of the night went on without incident and we were relieved at 08:00.The soldiers replacing us went through the log and questioned the phone call incident.I told them what happened,and they looked at me like I was crazy.I didn't understand until I looked at the phone cord behind the table.It wasn't plugged in.


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