Ghost of Adak

Story type: Ghost
Location: Adak Alaska
Source: Form Submission

I was at Adak Alaska revisiting the base after closing and I decided to pry open a door that was locked from the outside that led to some hallways once traveled by the military members that once worked there. As I was walking up the hallways I felt a cold chill as if someone had whisked past me.It was kind of dark except for the few lights from outdoors and a small keychain light I had.

I kept walking because I felt it must have been the air being sucked down the hallway because I left the door open.This was until I got to an area that was used for a lounge, and there I saw a bluish mist which slowly enveloped into a partial human-like form and all I could see was the face of someone I knew vaguely from there a few years back. He was a builder in the navy and his name was BU Adams,that's all I know about him.

I didn't even know he was dead, but what other way could he be there haunting the halls of Bearing Hill. I don't care what anyone says,I saw what I saw and it couldn't have been clearer as to whom it was. He seemed distant as if he was hunting for something and it only lasted a few seconds but I did get a quick glance from him before he departed, it was pretty creepy to say the least. The base of Adak Alaska has been shut down since 1994 or around that time I believe. This ghost of bearing hill is the only one I know of in Adak Alaska, but there may be more it is a place with tons of history from WW2.