My First Religious Experience

From: Norma (
Story type: NDE
Location: Edcouch-Elsa, Texas
Source: Form Submission
Date submitted: Sat May 19 22:52:37 2007

When I was about 6 or 7 years old. For a small field trip at school they were going to take us to the local city swimming pool. I did not know how to swim, so usually when I visited the pool, I would always hang around 3 ft. Although the pool was up to 9ft. deep. I was always curious as to how deep ft. looked like, so on that particular day, i decided to get close to the ledge of 9ft through the outside of the pool, leaning over to take a look. Just then i felt hands push me in the water, I'm guessing it was a couple of kids, that didn't know about me not being a swimmer.

Anyway, when i fell into the water, of course I started to panic.. i went down fast, and as i struggled in pure panic to try to go up, by waving my arms and legs in a fast motion, i noticed that I was only sinking myself even more, and soon I was going to lose my breath. I remember looking up and seeing the sun rays hitting the water, and i recall in my mind thinking, that I wasn't going to make it up. I got tired of struggling, and all i could think of was i was going to die.

All of a sudden, as i looked up i saw my last breath let go.. as the bubbles rised to the top. I stopped struggling cause i was too tired, and all of a sudden i felt a sense of peace. I started to slowly float downward as if in slow motion. Then everything dimmed, and i blackouted i guess because i dont recall what happened.

All i know is that when all of a sudden i woke up, as if i had been asleep. I was sitting on the cement at 3 ft. with my legs dangling inside the water, as if nothing had ever happened. I look around to see if anyone saw what happened.. and no one was paying any attention to me. Everyone was playing and running around as if that never happened. Not even the teachers or anyone was around me at all.. I knew at that point that something out of this natural world had happened, I was comfirmed at that moment that thier was a GOD, and he was powerful, and that miracles existed. I Believed in angels and the supernatural power of christ. All that i thought as i sat there trying to comprehend it all.. and at the same time.. smiling to myself, that I had had a religious, holy spirit experience.. and obivioulsy an angel was sent to save me that day, and only i knew it. :)

I told my parents a couple of years later.. and i've been telling that story ever since.. to who would listen.. my parents always said It was just a dream.. but i know in my heart it happened, and it was real..and GOD sent to save me!