Waverly Hills Hospital A.K.A Death Tunnel

From: Ashley ()
Story type: Ghost
Location: Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky
Source: Form Submission
Date submitted: Sun Jul 19 11:22:00 2009

If your a fan of horror movies you might/will know what i'm talking about.

If you have heard of, or seen the movie Death Tunnel, my story is related.

I'll tell you a bit about the movie first so my story makes sense.

The movie was filmed in Waverly Hills hospital, it was based on a true story. It was voted into the top 10 scariest movies. I have to agree, this movie was so terrfying despite the horrible actings and confusing plot. Type *Waverly Hills Hospital* and * Waverly Hills sanatorium* into the google image search, my proof is there.

The Waverly Hills Hospital was used in the 1930's for patients who had the so-called White Plague. And when they died they would be wheeled down the death tunnel. All these facts were used in the movie but they are also true. The Hosital is known as haunted, where as though the actual hauntings may not be out of the ordinary, its how these hauntings happen. So vile, so horrific, so teffifing.

My Dad is a professional Ghost hunter. in 2008 him and his co-workers were set to ghost hunt in the Waverly Hills Hospital. I went along with them until the actual hunt started. This place is so terrifying at night I can't even begin to describe it.

Watch the movie Death Tunnel. When they made the movie they didn't change ONE thing about the hospital, it really looks like that, the walls are the same, the floors are the same, everything.

In the movie, the tunnel that is called the Death Tunnel was the place my dad and his co-workers got the most activity. Tape recorders were placed in every single room, 2 tape recorders were placed in the lets just call it the Death Tunnel.

Every *hunt* and his co-workers go on, they usualy stay half the night walking around but My dad said himself that the placed was just far to freaky and they left as soon as the tape recorders began to record.

The following day I was with them when they replayed the recorders. In the death tunnel, we heard breathing noises, and the sound as if an elevator was moving up and down. In one of the rooms we heard the (desgusting) bed move across the room. We heard moaning, not fearfilled moans, but more like painfilled moans. And stuff like that on the other recorders.

Unfortunatly we had to walk through the death tunnel to get out which honestly made me so weak with fear I didn't know it was possible.

I know allot of you must think i'm making this up but like I told you before, Go on google Image search and type in what I told you to, my proof is there.

I highly recomend you watching this movie if you want to know more, even thought the plot is slightly different, it will help create better picture when reading my story, like I said it looks EXACTLY the same as if does in the movie.

Thanks for your time, I'm really sorry if it freaked you out.