The cat scared away my ghosts!

From: Mel (
Story type: Ghost
Location: My home
Source: Form Submission

I kept promising an update regarding strange happenings around my home in Massachusetts. We adopted (were adopted by) a new cat we call Nathan. He's a stray we keep indoors. He's VERY perceptive, and even now, still relies on his senses. He keeps them sharp by stalking and then attacking us and the other cats on a regular basis. He's not vicious, he's just "active." He can be very snuggly when he wants to be.

Since he came to live with us in June, I have seen/smelled very few things. I believe my idea is correct: my ghosts do not like Nathan. Does anyone know of any other cases like this, where spirits appear afraid or avoid animals? I kinda miss the things that used to go on!

In August, one morning after I got out of the shower, I walked into my kitchen to get my coffee ready. As I walked to the very center of the room, I smelled my Grandmother's powder (they used to live there). I thought it might be my shampoo, since my hair was still wet, but as always, I keep these things in the back of my mind. I work in downtown Boston MA and after a day in the city, one doesn't exactly smell peachy after walking through any city! My point being that my nice smelling hair from the AM most likely did not survive the downtown pollution. I got home around 6:30pm and went right for the 'fridge. As I walked in the room, I had a real shock - the smell - was still there, in the center of the room. My Grandmother's powder. I said a hello to her as usual and went about my business.

The next night, I received even more confirmation that it was Gram when I told my mom what I had smelled twice in the same spot in the same day. She said "Don't you remember what that date is?" I'm not big on dates, so she had to tell me: "That's the day your Grandfather died in '92."

But, you know, that's the last odd thing that has happened. Any ideas?

Thanks again for listening!