Near death experiences (NDE)

These true stories are actual personal experiences of the authors and include near death and experiences of almost dying.

Near death experiences are remarkable in the fact that even though the stories are unique, they share many common elements: seeing a light at the end of a tunnel and moving swiftly towards it, being outside the physical body and looking down on it, having overwhelming feeling of peace and love, feeling disappointment about having to return, seeing their life "pass before their eyes." This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the more popular elements experienced.

Occurrences typically happen in conjunction with a life-threatening situation. Examples of these would be surgical procedures, accidents, injuries, suicide attempts or severe illness. Any traumatic event where death seems imminent or expected can trigger an NDE although it is possible to have one and not be near death.

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Definition of a near death experience

An experience of being, or believing oneself to be clinically dead then returning to life.

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Editor's recommendations -- near death stories

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Near Death Experiences
My car, an old 1951 Ford that my dad had given to me the year before for my 16th birthday, was in the shop of a guy named Joe Tolomei. He owed my Dad a lot of money for all the tires he went through as a circle track racer so Dad made a deal with him to fix up my car. The motor was a flat-head 8 and was fine for any 16 year old at the time, but Dad had other ideas.

Joe had built an engine for his race car from a 1953 Ford truck engine. He went though it and did every thing he could to squeeze more power out of it including balancing and blueprinting. When he took it to the track the racing committee said "NO!" It was too much for the track and so he was stuck with this monster. So now he needed another engine to rebuild and to make less deadly.

I had gone into the hospital for day-surgery, actually a procedure to my heart to slow it down. The procedure was called an Atrial Ablation. All seemed to have gone ok until my time of discharge. As my son and I gathered up my belongings I began to feel an unbearable pressure in my chest. Then came the nausea and dizziness. Within minutes of the pain I had collapsed onto the floor. I was to find out later that I was experiencing a Cardiac Tamponade. A hole had been punched in my heart during the procedure and the blood was spilling out into the pericardium, a sheath of tissue surrounding my heart. The resulting pressure this applied to my heart caused it to stop beating.

i was at an appointment in the dentists and was told to have nothing to eat as i was to be anaesthetised with gas for two teeth extractions. everything went well until i sat down to wait for my new appointment, when suddenly without warning i began to feel pain in my neck, jaw and down my right arm. it became obvious to me that i had been given too strong a dose of the medication, as the pain caused me to have heart attack. i remember feeling as though i had been hit with a sledge hammer in my chest and began falling forward with the sensation of photographing my descent from outside of my body.

NDE Heroin Overdose
in the early 1970's, i was a follower of the hippies. peace,, love, sex and of coarse...drugs. i quickly graduated from marijuana to, LSD, hashish, meth pills and heroin. although i only used heroin with one so called friend.

i had some extra cash and with another friend went on my trip to to spanish side of town where it was easy to score. me and Dave took my car to an empty lot of rubble where Dave said he could score good stuff. we pooled our cash, a measly $60.00, but that was enough for each of use to "get off" 2-3 times each. we soon hooked up with a Puerto rican lad. he was young, but nervous always looking around. the usual are you a "nark" question was asked and we continued to test by licking the powder to ensure it wasn't a rip-off.