Out of body experiences (OOBE)

An out of body experience may also be referred to as astral projection or astral travel. Abbreviated names for out of body experiences are OOBE and OBE.

Some people can self-induce an out of body experience by using visualization and meditation techniques. Other out of body experiences happen involuntarily, often to the amazement of the experiencer. Many people report a sensation of floating near the ceiling or flying, and the ability to see their physical body below them. Out of body experiences are unlike dreams in that they feel very real, happening in the here and now physical world. Experiencers report they remember the event clearly and vividly even years afterwards.

Out of body experiences are distinguished from near death experiences by one important feature. Although a near death experience may have an out of body component, such as looking down on your body before continuing on, an out of body experience does not include the belief or fact of being clinically dead before returning to the body.

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Definition of an out of body experience

An experience of having left the confines of one's physical body and observing the world from a point other than where the physical body is located.

How to have an out of body experience

If you want to learn more about how to have an out of body experience be sure to check out our how to have an out of body experience page. There are tips and hints and two visualization exercises to get you started. Good luck and don't forget to come back here and tell us about your astral travels!

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Editor's recommendations -- out of body experiences

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Truly Blessed
".....I will scream." That was my last thought before IT happened.

Earlier that morning my husband had thrown a punch at me that narrowly missed, putting a hole in the wall. I had just found out that he had an addiction to gambling that had cost him his job, our savings and he had run us into debt and nearly lost our home. In a frightening rage he pushed and shoved me as he swung at me.

Beginners Guide to Signs and Signals of Achieving an OOB or Astral Projection
As some of you may have already read my 6 various stories or posts on this site, including NDE's, OOB's, Astral Projection, Past Life Regressions, Space Travel, Spirituality and most recently, "Soul Mates and Soul Families." I currently work with over 30-some readers and students regarding OOB's and Astral Travel. I have a guide that i would like to share with you here on this site that I give to all of my new students for the actual psychical signs and signals that most recive at the beginning of an OOB experience.

Haunted and OBEs
I remember exploring the new house while it was being constructed. My parents gave me the room over the attached garage and it had a seperate staircase that led off by the kitchen. There was no railing on the staircase as I said the construction workers were still finishing up. My parents had told me to stay away from the edge and to be careful. However, I was pushed off. I got knocked out, but not injured. Then we moved in. I was staying with my grandmother in her room in the main house. I recall looking up at the foot of my bed one night. I could see straight through her. She was looking out the Windows and this was scary for an 8 year old. I then looked over to see if she was in bed. Sure enough she was. How can someone be in 2 places at once? Research OBE.

OBE at Age 5 (1952)
I experienced an accident while playing with my older sister and her girlfriends in our backyard. As they were 5-6 years older, they were playing rough with me, actually wanting me to go away and leave them alone. I was 5 at the time. My sister, while spinning me around, let go and I traveled under the seesaw pipe end just as her friends were bringing it down. It cut a small gash in the top of my head. My parents rushed me to the emergency room at St. Anthony’'s, as the bleeding was profuse. The doctor said it was not serious and he could stitch it up.