Past life experiences

These true stories are actual personal experiences of the authors and include past life memories and recollections.

Have you ever felt as if you'd visited a particular place before even though it's your first visit? Or perhaps you feel drawn to a certain period of time before your birth and can recall details and images as if they happened yesterday. If you feel like an "old soul", perhaps you are experiencing a past life.

For some, details of past lives filter in through their dreams when they sleep. Others use guided hypnosis, typically called Past Life Regression. Yet others just seem to "know." The latter is especially true with young children. There are entire books and websites devoted to children and past life experiences.

Although awareness and interest in past lives has been around for many years, past lives is a relatively new category for Archive X, making its debut in July of 2005. If you have a story to add, we'd be happy to receive new past life submissions.

Definition of a past life experience

The experience of having lived in the past with a different body and personality.

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Fires and an Old Home
I've had dreams since I was a young child of fires. Of course, I dreamed of other things too but, the dreams I had of fires were always "different". They stuck out in my memory like I really lived them. I can still recall everyone of them with great detail.

About 2 years ago, in 2009, I had a dream of traveling down an old, narrow, dirt road. I came to a small, wooden and not very sturdy bridge. I remember that I stopped for a few moments to look at it before continuing on. As I continued on my path, I knew it was not quite Christmas but the Holidays were certainly VERY near.

Seventeenth Century - Proven Positive
I should begin by mentioning the fact that I'm a 20 year old girl from Latvia, by the time I started seeing my dreams about so called past life, I had not been outside my own country at all. A couple of years ago I begun to dream that I am walking in an old cemetery, trying to find my own tomb. These dreams were a bit confusing because I realized that I actually was not looking for my as ''my'' tomb, but a tomb of a person that I used to be. So one night i finally found it - I remember that i read what was written on the grave, but when I got up, I couldn't remember it. Then these dreams stopped for almost a year.

The Dream
The first experience I've ever had with a past life recognition was when I was about twelve years old.

I had a very vivid and terrifying dream that has haunted me to this day ...

As far back as I can remember, I've always been afraid of heights. I remember my mother took me on a trip to Ohio to visit relatives in Painesville, and we visited this lighthouse on Lake Erie. I hadn't recognized my fear until I actually reached the top of the lighthouse. Upon making it to the causeway, I was attacked with this wild sensation of falling to my death. I remember clinging to the wall with my hands spread, trying to hold myself upright even though I wasn't near the railing.

A Medieval Life
My first past life experience of this period came as a surprise. My past lives recalled in dreams, continued in order from the seventeenth century through to the nineteen fifties, as I have described in my stories, Seventeenth Century Witch Trial, A Life at Sea, and Lost Behind Enemy Lines. When I dreamt of the end of my last life, I thought this had to be my last past life experience. But I was wrong; in 2007 I had a dream of a much earlier period than I ever dreamt of before. The first dream made me curious to when and where this past life could have been. As more dreams about the period came to me a history began to emerge reviling inventions and tactics unknown to archaeologists and historians.