Friends and Strangers

From: Belle Lockwood (
Story type: Angel
Location: Bellport, New York
Source: Form Submission

I am not at all certain that this story is an angel story, but I prefer to believe that it is. You can read it and decide for yourself. But my visit was from someone to new to the realm to be a ghost, and too suddently taken. I think my visitor was directed by an his guardian angel, so I believe this to be a story of angels. I was having difficulty sleeping. I had moved my youngest son over in the bed between my husband and I but was still uncomfortable and crowded and restless. I hated to leave the bed, too tired not to be asleep, but too restless to fall into it. I did, finally, drag myself into his little bed thinking that to be alone may help - I could not be more uncomfortable than I already was. I did fall into a restless slumber, waking several times and rearranging pillows, blanket and myself. Always distressed at how few minutes had passed since the last time I looked at the clock. I was nervous and discontent and jittery for no reason that I could imagine. At some point, I was asleep but that is not important. What happened next is.

I was instantly wide awake and sat up fully in bed. There was a young man standing in the doorway of the room. He was big and strong looking, but his face was an agony of confusion and dismay. My maternal instincts made tears come to my eyes in sympathy for his distress. He was wearing military garb and looked vaguely disheveled as if he had awakened after falling asleep in his clothes. I said - but don't know where the words came from - "No honey, no baby - you're in the wrong place. Go home sweetie. It will be allright. I promise." I have no idea why I said them - but he looked at me and nodded then turned and was gone. I sat with my heart pounding for a moment and then sobbed. I cried for several moments before realizing that I had no reason to cry. I was not frightened, just so incredibly sad.

The next day the news was full of a crash of an Air Force jet and the young pilot that was killed. He was from my town. He was the boy that had come in the night. I don't know why he had come to me first, but I did what had to be done and sent him home.