A True Ouija Board Story

From: Lauren  (
Story type: Channelling
Location: My house
Source: Form Submission

My Ouija experience happened recently, I've had several. My friends and I had chipped in all together and bought a Ouija board. I can tell you several experiences that happened, but I'll tell you when it hit all of us, that this experience was real, and wans't fake. Or our subconscious moving it. I am Lauren, and this is what happened to Kelly, Lamie, Lora, and I, on Sunday, June 9th, 02.

We were in Kellys attic, and it was around 9:20 when we actually started using the Ouija board. We asked if there were any spirits there, and slowly but surely it moved to yes. Now this was the second time we used it, we had used it the night before, so we weren't freaked when it started moving or anything. We asked if the spirit was a male or female, slowly it spelled male out. The we asked his name. The message indicator moved faster towards K-E-V-I-N.

At this point Lamie started freaking out, cause she had said that the spirit in her house was named Kevin. (The ghost they blamed things for) He had followed her and Kelly around for three years now, about as long as we've known each other. He didn't want to follow me because my house has so many spirits in it, including evil ones, I had learned that there was evil spirits in my house the night before, yes, it freaked me out. But, there isn't anything in my house that wasn't there before.

Back to Kevin. We asked him about himself, and found out he was 15 when he died, and he died in 1985, he wasn't allowed to tell us how he died. We also found out he was a virgin, lol. He seemed so friendly and we all wanted to talk to him more, but it was getting late, and I needed to call my mom to ask if I could spend the night.

We said good bye to Kevin, and said wed back in a few minutes. We all walked downstairs, but before we did, we all looked at the message indicator, which was pointing to R, because Kelly had said, Wouldn't it be freaky if it moved to good bye while we were gone? I called home, and I was able to spend the night, so after yells and screams of everyone thanking my mother for allowing me, we walked back upstairs in the attic, and out through the window, I was leading the way. I crawled out the window, and remember looking at the board.

The pointer and turned around, and was now on the good bye sign. I screamed. Lora screamed. Lamie and Kelly screamed once they had seen it. We started freaking out, knowing now this was real. It was awesome, yet weird. Then once I sat down, among the others, I noticed the candle had moved. I even asked Kevin if he had moved it, he said yes. This is how we knew he exsisted, that the Ouija board was true.

We were excited, scared, freaked, but we felt so knowledgable. We knew something not everyone knew, or believed. Its weird to say that I have a dead friend. But I do. His name is Kevin, and we met him through the magic of the Ouija board.