The Black Mole

From: Anonymous
Story type: Channeling
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Source: Form Submission

I had never even seen a Ouija board before the Winter 1987. I was nearing the end of the first semester of my senior year in high school. That's when a series of experiences would change my opinion of the Ouija forever. As brief a summary as possible of the events follows.

I was at a party being thrown by a class mate. I had only been at the party about thirty minutes when I noticed several of my class mates "playing" with a Ouija board. I waited my turn to get on the board, thinking that I would be able to disprove the board quite rapidly. I was very, very wrong. Before I knew what was happening, I was being told that the Anti-Christ was alive, named Amos, and living in Iowa. While I still doubt the validity of this information to this day, what started coming from the board next still haunts me to this day. Without warning, the board started spelling out, over and over again, "I love you". When we (I was not using the board alone) asked the board, "Who do you love?",it spelled out my name perfectly. I was completely horrified. After some questions about why and for how long, I finally asked, "Who are you?" The response came back instantly and empatically "black mole" I'm not sure why, but as soon as I read the name I began to shake (much like I am doing now). When I pressed for other names the board would only spell out "black mole" over and over again. Suddenly, I looked up and realized that it was three hours later, and I had missed my curfew by a whole hour!

I told some close friends about my experience and we began a somewhat juvenille crusade to discover the true identity of "the black mole" and to "conquer" him/her. Like I said earlier, we were only 17 or 18 years old at the time. We had some experiences that, looking back, were all in our heads. But we did have any experience once, right after using a different board, where we were chased by a pack of growling, barking dogs that we could not see, we could only hear them. None of us their were acutally attacked, just chased. I gues I should mention that it did not matter what Ouija board I would use, "the black mole" would usurp control from what ever spirit we were originally in contact with and would not leave. Everybody who ever let me use their board had to destroy it, because "the black mole" was the only spirit that would show itself after I used it. One friend even claimed that "the black mole" asked for me by name, and refused to spell any words when told I was not there.

I finally grew weary of trying to figure out who my "secret" admirer really was. My friends got tired of having to buy a new board every time I used theirs. It just got to the point that it wasn't worth the time or hassle to get to the bottom of this mystery. I let go the quest about a year- and-a-half after I started, no closer to finding out the truth. The only clue I've gotten since is the "knowing" looks of some pagan friends I used to have, but they lied and said that they didn't know anything. Then one of them said, "The time is near." I'm not sure if he was just messing with me or what, but it was kind of spooky. If anyone out there can help me with some info., please e-mail the currator of this site and ask him to forward the knfo. to me. Otherwise, I hope you will read this account and carefully consider the consequences of "playing" with a Ouija board.