A Ghostly Torture

Name:            Doug Brownyard
Location:        Nuremberg Germany; Merrill Barracks
Type:            Ghost
Date:            Thursday, June 15, 2000
Time:            05:51 PM

From 1989 up to 1992, I was stationed in Merrill barracks in Germany. The history of the barracks is that during WWII, The allies had taken Merrill Barracks by force. The barracks Had housed a S.S. intelligence regiment (the Base could house up to approximately 3000 soldiers). Over the years, as I can attest to this, the barracks had never really been Remodeled. Only the holes from the battles that took place around that location were patched up. To this day I believe That the pluming was the original pluming put in when the Building was erected.

Ok, now since the time of the battle, the US army had owned This building and housed soldiers there all the way until 1992. That year it was our responsibility to turn the barracks back Over to the German government. Since I was getting out of the military and staying in Germany, I was one of the last persons to stay the night in the barracks. Our duties were to clean the barracks and paint the walls. They kept us, the clean up crew, in one central location. 

One Friday night during march 1992, a bunch of the soldiers were On the first floor having a party ( the building having three Floors to it ) were by the music was loud and I am sure There was drinking. the officer who was in charge lived on The second floor ( each floor containing around 20 rooms per section) in a single room. 

Now the following account is what he had told me the next day: The officer had told me that he had stayed up late that night reading a book and writing a letter to his wife when his concentration was abruptly broken. He said that he had heard noises, to what he thought sounded like power tools, right next door to his room. He also said that it sounded like there was a women in the room screaming to the effect that she was being raped. The officer, being in charge, bolted out of bed and ran to the Next room. He pounded on the door and yelled for the Occupant to open it, he had also made inquiries to the Female voice to make sure that she was ok. I believe he Was under the impression that a soldier had taken a female To the room and was committing these acts. 

Having no Reply, the officer then proceeded to break down the door. Once the door flew off of its hinges, the officer ran into the Room, only to find that the room was vacant. At this time The soldiers on the first floor had heard the break in and Ran up to see what was the matter. The officer was bewildered and began to question the soldiers if they had been in the room, but he realized that the door was locked and the keys for the doors (unoccupied rooms ) were not even at the barracks and that the door was securely locked. 

I believe his story, due to the fact that I knew this person For a long time and had great respect of him as an officer. Not to mention that I did stay in Germany after I got out of The military and had an old German friend that had lived in Nuremberg during the time that the SS had control of the building. He had told me that some very strange things went on in the barracks there on the weekends. He said that a lot of the SS soldiers there felt that they could do anything that they wanted to. I believe that one, maybe more, SS soldier had Raped a women there in some very odd manor. 

I do know For a fact that none of us, clean up crew, would venture Outside of the populated areas inside of the barracks at Night!! I have had some very weird feelings during that Time that I was one of the last few to inhabit the Merrill barracks under the U.S. Army control.