Ghost Lights

From: Steve Powell (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Charleston,SC
Source: Form Submission

This story is part folklore and part encounter. I first heard of this from my volleyball partner at the time. He asked me if I had ever been out to see "The Lights". I did not even know what lights he was talking about, much less had I been to see them. I told him this, and he told me the story of "The Lights of Ravenel."

According to my friend and many other people who live in the Charleston area, there were three teenage boys who were run over by a logging truck on an empty stretch of road about twenty miles south of Charleston, SC. They are buried, according to the story, behind a Baptist Church also located on that road. My friend went on to tell me that if you knock on the church door three times and say "We want to see the lights." And then repeat this process three times the lights would appear to you out on the stretch of road where the boys were killed. When I heard this story my first reaction was that it was a load of BS--not that I am a skeptic, but this was a bit much. Another of my friends heard my response and told me that he personally had seen the lights. I had no reason to think that my friend was lying to me so I asked them to take me to this church.

I was still being rather skeptical of this whole situation, thinking that my friend had imagined the whole thing. We arrived at the church at about 1130 one night. Of course, I was elected to knock on the church and inform ghosts(?) that we wanted to see the lights. I did and then we got back on the road and waited. There were several cars already parked on the side of the road and a few came out of the church-yard after we did. About 1230, my friends in the car all started freaking out. At the same time, the cars in front of us took off. I looked up the road and saw only what appeared to be car(from a distance the two headlights of a car appear to be one light--this "one light" was what I saw). "It's just a car." I said to my friends who looked like fear itself. The guy in the passenger just pointed down the road toward the light. I looked again and this time I almost peed my pants. The light had seperated into not two, but THREE lights. They were lined up side by side--like three motorcycles getting ready to race.

Needless to say, we got out of there quick. I have yet been back to this church; however, I do wish to. I have tried to think of all the different explanations and I can't find a believable one yet. I don't know what I saw, but I do know that I saw it and it scared me more than any other experience I have ever had.

If anyone has questions or comments aobut this or has heard of or seen these lights please email me at: