Haunted Arsenal in Little Rock Ar

From: Anonymous
Story type: Ghost
Location: Old Arsenal building, Little Rock AR
Source: Form Submission

Near downtown Little Rock is the Museum of Science and History. It is located in the Old Arsenal building. Before the Civil War, the Arsenal was the main military post for the area. It housed weapons and a small garrison of troops.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Arkansas militia troops immediatly seized the Arsenal to obtain the weapons for the Confederacy. In 1863, Little Rock was captured by Union Troops who reoccupied the Arsenal and reestablished military operations from it. In one instance, a 17-year old boy named David O. Dodd was hung on the Arsenal grounds as a spy (he was found carrying information on Federal troop strength in the area. He was offered a parole if he told who gave him the information. He refused and became a martyr for the Confederacy in Arkansas). After the war, the arsenal was converted to military officers quarters to house officers and their families (Gen Douglas MacArther was born in the building). It was closed in the 1880s or 1890s (don't know the history that well but could find out if you want). In the latter half of this century, the grounds were converted to a city park and the Arsenal building now houses the Museum of Science and history. I first found out about the hauntings from a friend of mine who used to work there. On 10 Feb 96, I had the opportunity to talk to a couple of the staff members and most have had experiences. The lady I talked to says that on two occasions, she was working later than usual and could hear party music, voices and laughter (her office is in the basement). Assuming it was coming from outside in the park, she went up the stairs and out a door onto the pack porch. There was nothing. She returned and found nothing on the ground floor or second floor. When she returned to the basement, she could hear the music, laughs and voices again. She has experienced this twice and has pinpointed the sound coming from the ground floor room on the easy side of the building (the largest room). She has only heard this from the basement. It is loudest when she is beneath the east room.

On annother incident that is documented in the museum, one of the workers was closing down for the night. The building contains a 3-level tower on the north side. The second floor of the tower has been converted to a small theater. On this particular evening, the lady closing down saw a body lying on a row of seats in the theater. Thinking it was a vagrant, she quickly ran downstairs to enlist the help of another worker in case there were problems. Both workers saw the body again, but this time it had turned around (the second worker claimed it had a greenish tint to it while the first worker claims it was dark in the theater and appeared to be a darkly dressed man sleeping). Both proceeded to the figure but it disappeared when the second worker attempted to touch it.

In another documented case, the lady who makes the claim says she has had this experience many times when conditions are just right (late afternoons on stormy winter days). She descends the right hand staircase from the third floor to the second. If she stops on the landing and immediatly looks over her shoulder she sees a shadow fly by her as if someone at the top of the stairs is throwing something at her but missed.

In the basement beneath the main staircase, legend has it that a duel took place between two men. One of the staff claims to see shadows move at this location.

Finally, an apparition has been seen desecending the staircase from the landing to the ground floor. No one who presently works there has had this experience though.

Two sceances were held at the arsenal in the 70s and 80s. Don't know the results. The museum claims that the Aresenal building is one of the most documented haunted sites in the Southeast U.S.