The Haunted C-5

From: Land Harvey (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Travis AFB, CA
Source: Form Submission

Back when I was in the Air Force, I worked as an electrician on C-5's, and I worked the graveyard shift (que the dum dum dummmmmmmm). We had this C-5 that was honest to god HAUNTED. The stories about it were many and wild, and something to talk about on those cold slow nights. What IS known for sure was that it was the C-5 that brought back the killed marines from the barracks bombing in lebanon(?)--some 80 pine coffins-- and that a crew chief was killed in a fall some time before then. All the fantasic and creepy stories aside, let me tell you what happened to ME on that damn plane.

But first, let me set the stage: When a plane is getting ready to go on a mission somewhere, there's a backup plane, that's kept at a state of readiness in case the original one breaks down. Well, someone has to babysit that plane and that was me. The plane was far off in an isolated corner of the airfield -the Hot-Spot- the place where they load up explosives and other nasty stuff. For obvious reasons, this is FAR away from the other planes. So, there I am, alone, about a quarter mile from anyone else, around 3:30 am in a dark corner of the airfield, with nothing to do but sit there with power on and keep the plane from doing that odd thing that big planes do (that is break down when you let them sit).

Now let me explain a few fact about the C-5 relavent to the story. The flight deck was about 5 stories up, and the way to get to it from the ground is a rickety metal half stairs/ half ladder of about 25 steps. On the ground, the plane gets its power from these big loud diesel generators plugged in by a 20 pound plug to the belly of the plane.

OK, so: there I am, bored, semi-dozing (but don't tell anyone), when the power suddenly dies. Me being an electrician I can think of about 30 things that it might be, but let me check the most likely culprit: the power unit. Its still roaring away, but I go down stairs to take a look. When I get down there, I see that the plug was pulled out and laying about 5 feet from the planes' outlet. The first thing I suspect is that someone is out here somewhere messing with my head. I start looking around for the guy -really pissed-, because yanking the cord out with power on is dangerous and yadda-yadda-yadda. After a while I gave up and went back upstairs to set the plane to recieve power again. I then went back down to plug in the plane and as soon as I plugged it in, I noticed the lights on in the flight deck windows.. meaning someone had flipped the switch.

Now im REALLY pissed off and ready to kill someone. As I stomp up the (rickety) ladder to catch the loser, the power goes off again before I reach the top. I hurried up to catch him, only to find no one there. I tried to flick the switch back on, but it didnt work... going back downstaris I found the plug unplugged again and laying even further from the plane. This time I looked everywhere for what had to be several pranksters. I was all alone out there, and the only road to get where I was was in plain sight from the flightdeck.

More than a little freaked out, I plugged the plane back in and turned power back on. and it finally stayed on. As freaked out as I was, within about an hour I was dozing off again (life is hard in the military). after I don't know how long, I heard someone stomping up the rickety ladder. I figured it was my supervisor coming to check on me and the plane, and hurrying up the ladder to catch me napping. The ladder is wobbly, like I said, and loud as hell, and the plane was rocking slightly on its shocks like it does when you run up the ladder. So, I jump up, try to look awake, and look down the ladder to see who it is. THERE IS NO ONE THERE!! The sound suddenly stops, the ladder still wobbling slightly. Me being the avid horror movie critic, this is the predictable point where you get possesed, or something invisible slugs you. But nothing happened, and, with a nervous laugh I got on the radio and told my supervisor to get me the hell off of that plane (which i think was the message all along)!!!

Well, that's my story. Looking back on it, its POSSIBLE that some part of that night was due to a weird bug with the power switching circuts, but that doesnt explain how the 20 pound plug got unplugged twice, nor does it explain the ladder deal. But that's just my story of that plane, and I'm not the only one who has had "problems" with it.