The Old Farm House

Name:            Russ Seaman
Location:        Pompton Plains New Jersey
Type:            Ghost
Date:            Saturday, July 29, 2000
Time:            01:40 PM

I come from an old town in Northern New Jersey. Because of the town's age and the many old houses there, ghost stories were abundant. There was one old abandoned house in particular that was reported to house the spirit of none other than George Washington himself. When walking past this old place, I would always keep a wary eye out for the old General but I never did come across him. Of course I never did have the nerve to venture inside the place so that I might meet him "face to face".

In 1977, I was at my friend Vince's home. He started showing me some things he had found at an old farm house located on the edge of town. The house had been abandoned for years, as long as I could remember. I was a modest sized place, with a lot of overgrown shrubbery that hid most of the front of the house. Vince, along with a friend of his, Bobby, had ventured into the place one night just to check it out. In there, they found a lot of interesting things, old seltzer bottles dated from the 1920's, old documents from about the same time and things such as that.

The pair had gone up to the second floor to search for more artifacts. They stopped at the second floor bathroom and looked inside. Hanging from the ceiling, was a single light bulb with a pull chain type switch. Bob asked Vince, " What would you do if I pulled the chain and the light went on"? Vince replied, " I would beat your ass down the stairs and out the door". Bob laughed and pulled the chain. Well, as they both swore later, the light came on. True to his word, Vince beat Bob out of there. As he's telling me this, I'm becoming more intrigued. I ask him to go there with me that night and of course, he flatly told me to get lost. He would never under any circumstance go back there. I let the matter drop but was always intrigued about the place.

Finally one night in 1979, I got to go in there. I was driving around with a friend of mine and two girls. We were talking about the old house and I said I was going to go in there. My friend was eager to go with me, the girls however, were not as enthusiastic. I pulled my car into the driveway that led behind the house. I parked all the way in back so the police couldn't see the car.

It was one of those dank drizzly nights, not a great night to be investigating a haunted house. The girls were really apprehensive now and started to complain about this as my friend and I were trying to pry open the plywood that covered the back door. A putrid scent started to fill the area. We stopped and sniffed, it smelled like a decomposing body. When the girls smelled that they said they really wanted to leave NOW! My friend and I were a bit unnerved by this as well so we left.

I dropped the girls and my friend off at their homes and went back up town and hang out for a while. My friend Vince pulled up and I told him about going over to the house. He laughed and told me I was crazy. I said "come on, go back there with me". Again he laughed and said no way. I bugged him some more and he finally agreed to go, but with a warning that he would leave me right where I stood if so much as a breeze blew through the place. I agreed, and after we stopped at his place to get a couple of flashlights, off we went.

We got in through a boarded window in the front of the house this time. We walked all over the house and I picked up an old notebook, some old letters and some newspapers. Nothing untoward happened, and after a while I left satisfied.

We got back to the uptown hangout and Vince left to go home. I stayed there and started looking over my souvenirs. As I looked over the stuff I was fascinated by some of this stuff. There were letters from the second world war era. It seems that the family that lived there at the time had a son who had gone off to war and he was taken prisoner by the Germans. There was a lot of correspondence about that. I never did find anything that said what became of this man.

As I was sitting in my car, looking this stuff over, another friend, Tom, pulled up and I showed him my stuff. He was interested in the old stamps on some of the envelopes for these old letters. He asked me to go back there with him to look for more letters. I said ok, there was nothing there to be afraid of so I didn't hesitate.

We went to his house this time and got his father's flashlight which was a huge police style type light. Tom drove this time and parked across the street from the house at a gas station. We went in and looked around but after a while it was apparent that there was really nothing left.

We were standing inside the kitchen when I said to Tom, "why don't we get out of here". As I said that, the flashlight went out. Not thinking anything about it I turned it on and off, nothing. I pulled out my cigarette lighter to try to light the way out because it was pitch black as well as a labyrinth in there. As I tried to light it, a small breeze came along and blew it out. I tried to cover the lighter with my hand, but no matter what I did the breeze would come back and blow the flame out. I was now becoming a little unnerved by this and said to Tom " lets just get the hell outta here" and we just started to grope our way out.

After what seemed an eternity, we found our way out to the front window where we had come in. We crossed over to Tom's car, and as I put my hand on the door handle, the flashlight came back on..... Needless to say, I never went back in there and since then, the house has been torn down leaving nothing but two old stone columns that used to be the entrance for the front walk leading to the house. I do often wonder what happened to the young man who was a POW in WWII....