Don't Mess With the Ouija

From: Jerica Burgette (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Tennessee
Source: Form Submission

So much has happened to me concerning the supernatural that I barely know where to begin. I've always believed that ghosts possibly exist, so my mind has always been open to the idea that they could be walking around anywhere, anytime. Last year, my best friend and I went out and bought a Ouija board and began messing around with it just for kicks. It worked, both of us claimed to not be doing it, so it was extremely thrilling. Spirits would give themselves names, calling themselves demons, guardian angels, and dead relatives and friends. We would look up some of their names in an angel book, and actually find some of them there. They seemed friendly enough, and they began telling us things about the future. Most of these things would actually occur. It got to the point that we did it everyday. Pretty soon, I could do the Ouija board all by myself. My friend and I began to do automatic writing and let the spirits use our hands to touch and move things. The spirits seemed to center their communication around me. Pretty soon, I felt things brushing up against my skin in the dark and touching my hair. I would feel little pokes on my arms, legs, and head. I also began to see them. They look like swirls of microscopic light twirling in the air, blotches of vague aura-colors, dark shadows moving distinctly across a room. I felt them get in my face and stay there, trying to annoy me. I could feel my breath get short as if they were trying to suck it from me. There was also a type of telepathy going on where I could distinctly read their thoughts and they could read mine extremely easily. Pretty soon, I could talk to them without the aid of the Oujia or a pen. And they wouldn't leave me alone. Posters began rolling and falling off my bedroom walls and I kept losing things that I know I couldn't have misplaced. I was putting some clothes in the dryer one day and as soon as I closed the dryer door and turned it on, "something" opened the door, it held open for a second, and then shut it, turning off the dryer. This force turned on and off the lights, radio, and television, I could always hear footsteps on the second floor of my house when no one else was home. I had trouble thinking or doing homework (or even schoolwork AT school) because these spirits would interrupt my thoughts, try to talk to me, and their main reason was wanting me to "help them" to get to the other side. I actually attempted this a couple of times. I'd lie down and meditate and let the spirit give me a visual image of them, how they died, and what may have been keeping them attached to this world. After asking questions, and persuading them to move on and get on with the life they were meant to live, I'd show them a light in my mind, tell them it was the way and not to be afraid of it, and to go towards it, it was there to help them. Many were afraid to do this, and one spirit even described it as "diving into an ocean when you have a great fear of drowning." In this case, I would ask "God" (I'm still not sure what to call the great force that seems to put order in life) to send an angel, relative, or friend to accompany the spirit to and through the light. This always worked, and it amazed me how simple it was to help the spirits. It got to the point that it was ridiculous, though; I felt like I was interfering with something that was not supposed to be messed with. I slowly began to reject the requests, and though the spirits were upset, they eventually quit bothering me. For the longest time, when I'd come home from college on the weekends, I would feel extremely uncomfortable in my bedroom and I could not sleep at all. I bought holy water and salt and put it around the room as a psychic instructed me to do. I told the spirits to leave me alone and that they weren't welcome at my house anymore. I told them to either move on to the light or to another location. I wasn't willing to deal with them anymore. In a few months, most of the spirits had gone somewhere else and the air felt very clear; the stuffiness in my chest subsided. Only a couple did stay, but they leave me be and we don't really communicate. Now the only spirits I talk to are guardian angels and "God". It was quite an experience to interact so extensively with the supernatural. I've had experiences all my life, but not quite like that. Now I don't touch a Ouija board. If there IS a next time with it later in my life, I just hope I'm more prepared for what the spirits want to bestow upon me. The Ouija board is a door to the unknown. If you want to open it, well, good luck!