Furbies are Evil

From: Sam and Chris Salvato (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Our house in Johnstown, OH
Source: Form Submission

Ok. Me, my brother, and my friend Pam were at our house and I had just gotten a baby furby. Pam said it freaked her out so I took out the batteries. We all went to sleep. In the morning, Pam told me that my furby was pretty cool. She clapped four times and it started to dance. The only problem was there were no batteries in it.

Another time, Pam was over again. The furby was turned around backwards on my desk with a blanket over it's head, eyes closed. ALL batteries gone. The entire family left for dinner right after that. We got back late. I entered my room and there was my furby, on the floor, the blanket on my bed. As of today, my furby is tied up in my closet.