Ghostly Crewmen

From: Harold Estep   "gus" (
Story type: Ghost
Location: in my  b-24 on the ground and in the air
Source: Form Submission

Well the story i'm about to tell you is.......Well is hard to belive even for me the one who experienced it. It's about my b-24 Liberator bomber it was used in ww2 in the U.S.A.A.F during the raids on germen oil feild's. The plane was used in the 376th bombardment group. Little else is known about the bomber but that it suffered a horrible crash landing in 1943 all the crew was killed. After that the plane was rebuild and flew another tour and then a war bonds tour thats what i hear'd from the pervious owner. I met him at a air show last year theres wear i bought the bomber. He just about gave me the bomber to get rid of it being a pilot i was very intrested in it, he remarked "Thank god i sold the devil plane. "He told me very little info on it to i realy don't know the real seirle number i wish i knew.But any way this is what heappen to me in and around the plane.

Well it was a summer sunny day and i had just flowen home my b-24.As i was leaveing the hanger i hear'd a voice faintly say "Don't leave me were a you going"? I was a little shakein but i forced my self to search the plane. no one was found onbord. So i locked up the hanger and left. The months passed with no prob no voices but it would'nt last...4 months after i first hear'd the voice hear'd another while i was trying to show my girlfriend how the bomb bay doors open we hear'd someone say right after i got them open "Bomb's Away"! I looked and looked and no one was found. At this point i was trying not belive it but there was no other way to exspliane it. My plane was haunted. In the months that followed i would hear nosies vocies and other things. but just two months ago at an air show some one came over to me before i was takeing off an said "Thanks for the info, your co-pilot must know a lot on this plane. "dazzed i said there is no co-pilot i'm the only one out here today. I was shocked to hear that some one was on my plane and knew more about it then i did. So i checked the plane. (this was getting old and i was sick of it)But i finnly found out why. Just two weeks ago i saw a man who looked like the one i was told about at the air show. He was in the forwerd part of the air craft at the bombardiers position. He was wearing a leather jacket with a kakki shirt and tie with army green paints a officers cap with the little egale in the middle he looked like he was in his mid 20's.His face was very pale and sad looking as if he had just gottin lost or felt out of place kinda looks. I just stared at him he just stared back for a moment i felt sorry for him because i think he was one of the crew that was killed in 43 in that crash landing his life cut short. Then he vanished! It scared the hell out of me. Now from now on when some one comes abord no one sits in the bobardiers position because he will always be there no matter what. He's not a bad sprit but sorta good luck charm. I'm glad he's always apart of my crew that way i'll never fly alone then thats always good to know. Don't you think?