Haunted Hospital

From: keith (
Story type: Ghost
Location: morrilton, arkansas
Source: Form Submission

There is an old abandoned hospital in the small town of Morrilton, Arkansas that the local teenagers (including myself) would sneak into and explore. It's pitch black even in the daylight because they have boarded every window in the place. There is a large stairwell that is located in the very center of the buidling and gives access to the 3 main floors but not the roof. (There is also an elevator shaft that is flooded and several people have been hurt from falling down not knowing where they were stepping, but this story focuses on the stairwell.

I was with a friend of mine and all we had were a couple of Army flashlights and I had been in the place before and knew the layout fairly well, so I decided to give my friend a little scare. I took off running and went up the stairs closing the first story door behind me. I ran all the way up to the 3rd floor and pushed open the door and ran to my left leaving it open behind me, so I could jump out at my buddy.

My heart skipped a beat when I turned around. There standing in front of the door was a little boy. It was merely for a moment and then he vanished. He wasn't there for more than two seconds at most, but his image I remember vividly. He was standing there with his hands clasped looking straight at me. He was blonde-headed with bright blue eyes. He was wearing a hospital gown and couldn't have been older than eleven or twelve. His head was down and I got the impression I was not wanted there at all, and truth be known, didn't care to be there either.

When I got my senses back together, I ran downstairs, told my friend it was time to go, and left the place immediatly, never explaining what was going on to my very startled friend. Years later, I finally got brave and went back to that place to show it off to another couple of buddies, and several things happened then too, but I'll save that one for another time.