From: Steve (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Aldershot  England 1984
Source: Form Submission

Back in my early 20s, I was in the British Army ( i now live in Louisiana USA). I was a very stupid man back then, I had a wife and a lover. My lover committed suicide, so i decided to try the same. After a bottle of vodka and some valium (dont try this at home), I was found by fellow soldiers, almost in a coma, and, rushed to The Military Hospital in Aldershot. Although my stomach was pumped, I was placed on the "dying" ward ( they thought I had irreparable damage and would not survive). Later that night, i "came to' to see curtains had been drawn around my bed ( guess the other residents did not want to see me die, I was lying there, almost at peace -or "valuimed out") when i felt a very feminine form brush my cheek, and whisper "Things will be OK. OK?"..I fell asleep, next morning I awoke, much to the surprise of the Clinical staff. After a few days I was allowed up and about, although under permanent "suicide watch"..I did notice one peculiar thing, all the staff on the ward were Male, NO females in sight. I asked the SGT in charge of the ward where the nurses were, he smiled and told me that NO females were allowed on this ward. So i told him of what I had heard on my first night, he then motioned me over to his side of the desk, gave me a cigarette ( i was not supposed to be smoking) and asked me the details, I told him everything I could remember, including the fact i smelled perfume. He swore me to secrecy, but, Now heres the kicker....IN WW1, there was a big typhus outbreak, the military hospital dates back way before that, however. A nurse had been close to a young man, and had contracted Typhus, She ( as they always do in these stories Died) he survived..Since then she has been "looking after" Young soldiers. Im almost 43 now, and I am happy those pills did not work..If anyone else knows of that 'Ghost' of Aldershot please e mail me