How to Have an Out of Body Experience

There are many ways to have an out of body experience and you may have to experiment to find a method that works for you and that you feel comfortable using. Once you find a comfortable method the more you practice it the more proficient you will become and the easier it will be to induce a session of astral travel.

Keep in mind you may not be successful right away. In fact, it's more likely it will take several attempts before you have any success having an out of body experience. But don't give up! Give your chosen method at least a week if not longer.

A few general guidelines for having an out of body experience

* Make sure you are well rested and not overly tired. Falling asleep is not the goal; a successful session of astral travel is.

* Practice at a time when there will be no distractions.

* Lie comfortably in a dark room.

* Make sure you are relaxed and not caught up in thoughts of your day or chores to do tomorrow. You might want to clear your mind and prepare your body with a relaxation technique. An easy technique would be to start at your feet and work upwards tensing and relaxing each body part in succession.

* When you are relaxed, then it's time to attempt an out of body experience.

Two visualizations to help you have an out of body experience

Many people find visualizations to be the easiest method. It's like running a movie in your head and you can run it over and over with great detail until you are successful. Trying one of these visualizations might even lead to you thinking up one of your own that works better for you.

In any case, being creative, imagining with lots of detail, and not "forcing" things are all important. Make it an enjoyable experience, something you desire to do, not something you have to do.

First visualization

Imagine it is a lovely sunny day and you are in a meadow. Feel the warm sun and smell the wildflowers. On the rise ahead you spy a lone tree with heavy gnarled branches. As you approach this old stately tree you notice a swing hanging from one of the limbs. The ropes look sturdy and the wooden seat is smooth from wear. You sit in the swing and begin to pump your legs. The breeze ruffles your hair as you move back and forth. The meadow appears to slope away and the distant hills seem to move close, then away, then close, then away as you work to swing higher.

You get a notion that it would be grand to jump off the swing like you used to when you were on the school playground. Then another better idea strikes you. What if you let your astral self fly off as you swing forward. That motion would just propel you up and out over that meadow, gliding like one of the clouds high above.

Let yourself go. See yourself leaving the swing and floating over the meadow.

Second visualization

Imagine yourself in the front seat of a roller coaster. It jerks and the cars clank as it starts up the steep incline. You hear the rhythmic clicking as you climb higher and your body is pressed tightly into the back of the seat. All you see is blue sky. You know the crest will start the madcap descent and you are prepared not to follow the descent. Instead you choose to leave your body at the top of ride as the roller coaster car speeds down and away carrying your physical self with it.

Feel yourself hanging up there above the tracks and watching yourself, your shell, continue on down the other side.

How you know if you've been successful

If you were successful, you'll know! You might have felt yourself floating, or looked back to see yourself lying peacefully on the bed. You might have heard some distinct buzzing noise as you were leaving your body.

It is possible to have the feelings or signs of having an out of body experience but not quite making it completely. If that happens, don't despair! You are on your way and just keep practicing.

Happy travels!

And don't forget to come back and tell us about it.