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jack the ripper- the real story
« on: January 22, 2011, 05:33:51 pm »
jack the ripper was born prince albert victor .

as a young boy he was, sexualy abused by his farther, this left prince eddy very disturbed emotionaly, he became withdrawn from people, he had to exagerate his homosexuality to please his farther, becuase he feared him.

Eddy wouldlater grow up, being submissive to men in authority, and would have homosexual encounters with many famous masons and politicians.
he would visit transvestite clubs, where he would learn to dress as awoman.

Eddy would later, prostitue himself, in the whitechapel area, of london, as a gay transvestite, here he would have sex with many men.
He would go to evenings out, with memebers of the masons , dressed as awoman, and have evenings of sexual intercourse with these men.

Prince eddy married a catholic woman in secret , her name was annie crook, one day she would betray eddy , and leave himfor another man , eddy caught her in the act from a distance, and decided to spy on her, he followed her round whitchapel to learn of the affair .
he even befrinded her as atransvestite without her knowing, he also made friends with her friends, who would later become the 5 victims .

he over heard annie one night in a pub, asking her firnds to come in on  a plot to blackmail prince eddy , by threatening to reveal the secret marriage .

Eddy panicked at what he heard, and told the masons , the masons including queen victoria decided to kill the girls ,to stop them , so eddy was taken to a cemetary where he practices ritual cuttings on dead bodies.

then with the help of two of londons most famous police officers [sir charles warren chief of police ] and [inspector abeline] they helped eddy plan the killings , false witneses were paid to tell lies saying they saw the vitims with men when realy eddy was dressed as a woman when he killed the girls .

one by one eddy and sir charles warren killed the girls , abeline helped in other ways .
whats worse and what many people dont know , is that eddy got all the girls one by one and offered them large sums of money to betraye the other girls , each one believed they would get rewarded for this service but where tricked.

they were willing to betray eddy , so why not each other, whitechapel was a poor town, and money was hard to come by. life was cheap.

so all girls were slain and a 6th victim , a male reporter who became aware that prince eddy was the killer he got to close and was killed.

eddy would later throw up after the killings , and could not face what he done , it was all a sick afdair he was having gay sex with doctor gull, and sir charles warren and the priminister, it was all a very sickening expereince.

the girls were silenced , but after the killings the real nightmare begun, prince eddy started to see the ghosts of the girls , they came back to haunt him in the palace, eddy was scared, he knew nothing of death, and ghosts untill now,

he was so scared he went to dr gull for help, and gull hypnotised eddy and eddy in trance revealed the truth about the killings , dr gull put eddy in a mental asylum and reported it to queen victoria, queen victoria ask gull for his cooperation, in being silent about the killings .

eddy eventualy died , of a.i.d.s after having too much unprotected sex. four years after the last killing. he did not kill for fun as some people have stated , he was not an opportunist killer ,he killed to silence,

the royal family had taken part in one the biggest conspiracys of all time , all alibies were given for eddy , by all memebers of the royal household.

the killings were a karmic repayment for the killing of sir william wallace 600 years earlier in smithfeilds , william wallace reincarnated as prince albert victor , and williamwallaces tortureres, reincaranted as the 6 victims of whitechapel, so there you havean example of karma .

the police today think there was an injustice , but there was not , the police are not in authority on this earth, they are controled by heaven , and each have there part to play in the grand divine plan.

eddy never escaped justice he was repaying the justice, the girls werenot innocent victims they were scemers and not only betrayed each other, but they also betrayed eddy, more importantly they betrayed themselves.

no one escapes justice , what eddy did was wrong , but it was just , all is just in the eyes of the lord. one more thing, eddy only killed himself ,

the human soul has multipul incarantions , and is not restricted to single incarantions , all of the followimg people were all multipul incarnations

the 5 prostitutes
prince eddy
prince george
queen victoria
eddys farther
eddys mother
a royal servant girl
the male reporter -victim
chief inspector sir charles warren
inspector abeline
william wallace
basicaly eddy killed memebers of his own soul in other bodies, our souls have mutlipul incarantions to work against each other, so that the soul can expereince the hardhsips of earth, to allow the soul to return to its original form of unconditional love.

although eddy had paid back the karma for the killings , i had to incarnate in this life , i wasunloved as a child , rejected lonely , bullied and weak i had to feel what it was like to have people close there hearts to me , so that i would learn that its cruel to do so , it has taught me to keep my heart open,

my hardhips in this life have made me stronger, and a better person , my heart is open and i now treat people with the love and respect they deserve.


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